The Details

A complimentary consultation is provided for each prospective client. Anessa wants to be your Personal Assistant Team and will take this time to learn about your needs, as well as give you the opportunity to get to know the team and what services they can provide.

Having Ask Anessa as your personal assistant is surprisingly affordable, at only $35/hour, you can make your life easier, your task list complete and reach hassle free living. Charging hourly, instead of by task, generally allows Ask Anessa to tackle more of your tasks and projects.

Rates reflect charges for services rendered and do not include any merchandise purchased, parking fees, bridge tolls, or any goods charged by a third party vendor related to a client’s request.

Hourly rates are based on one Ask Anessa Associate Assistant. Projects requiring more than one Assistant will be at an additional cost.

Need purchases made on your behalf? No problem. Ask Anessa offers the option to purchase items and pay for services on your behalf, and bill for reimbursement. Clients are encouraged to provide a retainer for expected expenses and items to be purchased by Ask Anessa-and proper accounting will be held to ensure your credit is applied for item purchases. Please note that a 10% premium will be billed for all purchases paid for by Ask Anessa.

Call: (480) 350-7034 or email

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Our Pricing

We keep it simple – regardless how you have us assisting, most of our services are $35 to $50/Hour, and once we've met with you and learned more about your needs, we'll confirm your set rate- for all projects and tasks you have our team tackle.  

We’re the perfect solution to having a committed Assistant & team without requiring a full time commitment on your part. Our flat hourly rate also means you can task us with your full list and our efficient team of Assistants will get multiple items and tasks taken care of without additional minimums or vendors needed to complete them.

Any onsite assistance has a 2 hour minimum. Virtual assistance services, where we are not required to be in your office/home/set location, allows us to offer our services in 15 min increments. And always, our additional services beyond any onsite or travel minimums are calculated by 15 min increments.