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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to commit to a minimum number of services or hours?

Anessa’s services are available by the hour, and after the first hour, time is billed in 15 minute increments.

What if I’m particular?

Sounds perfect, Anessa has great attention to detail and wants to get your tasks done YOUR way.  Let her know the specifics and Anessa will take care of the rest.

What payment options are available?

Anessa accepts cash, check and credit card at time of service completion.  If services are needed on an ongoing basis, Anessa will set up a billing cycle to meet your needs, i.e. weekly, biweekly or monthly.


Standard Business Hours:

Standard business hours are 7AM to 6PM Monday through Friday  

24 hour – 7 day service, after hours, holiday and weekend rates are offered as available and rates may vary.

Access to voicemail messaging is 24/7 and is picked up frequently.


We truly value your business and will not share, sell or give out your personal information to third parties.


A 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule services to be provided.  Notice may be provided via phone or email.  Anessa reserves the right to charge for the full amount of time scheduled if cancelled without proper notice.

Service Limits:

We will not provide or perform any service that is unethical, illegal or that poses danger to any person and or property.  Anessa reserves the right to decline any request at her sole discretion.


Ask Anessa offers the option to purchase items and pay for services on your behalf, and bill for reimbursement.  Clients are encouraged to provide a retainer for expected expenses and items to be purchased by Ask Anessa-and proper accounting will be held to ensure your credit is applied for item purchases. Please note that a 10% premium will be billed for all purchases paid for by Ask Anessa..